Product processing


 Product processing

  When we receive a customer order, our production technology department will design the product drawings, and after the drawings are completed, they will conduct a review and budget work.

Next, our process quality department will review again to ensure that the drawing design is correct. The drawings will then be handed over to the production workshop. According to the design requirements of the drawings, they are assigned to different departments for mechanical processing.

  After each process is completed, it will be self-inspected and then handed over to the quality inspection department for re-inspection. After the re-inspection is passed, it will be handed over to the next process until all processes are completed.

  We have dedicated personnel to supervise and review the whole process to ensure the quality of the products. Finally, the products will be sent for various inspections, and after the inspection results meet the product requirements, they will be packaged and shipped. If it has not passed various inspections, our production technology department will provide corresponding solutions to the problem. Finally, the products we produce meet the requirements of customers.

Product processing

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