Daily life


Daily life

  In the normal working life of our workers, we officially enter the working state at 8 o'clock in the morning every day. 

  After an hour and a half, the workers will take a break. After the break, we will enter the working state again. 

  At noon, our company will prepare nutritious lunch for the workers to replenish energy for the hard work of the day. After lunch, some people choose to take a nap, some people choose to play basketball, some people choose to play table tennis, some people choose to watch TV, and some people choose to play board games. These have greatly increased the spiritual happiness of the workers. To make the tedious and boring work more fun, we are more willing to work in this kind of humanized management company. 

  In the afternoon, we went to work again. People often say that an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.The combination of work and rest makes our mental state reach the best in the afternoon. This guarantees the quality of our products and allows us to have more energy to work instead of being lethargic and affecting normal work.

Daily life

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