Staff team building


Staff team building

   During the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, more than 100 people from our company participated in the team building activities. We took the company bus to our destination. In the activity area, we carried out activities such as mountain climbing and live-action Paintball games.

   In the mountain climbing activities, young and strong colleagues help the disadvantaged groups to climb to the top of their own accord. It fully reflects the deep friendship between our workers. So as to achieve the purpose of our team building activity,to help each other at work.

   In the live-action paintball game activity, my colleagues were very happy. We develop tactics and implement tactics for the ultimate victory. After the game was over, everyone was tired but smiles were filled with joy of victory. The loser was not discouraged and did not give up, indicating that he would definitely win in the future.

Achieve our purpose of this event, compete with each other, and work hard for the common goal.

   In 2019, our employees participated in team building activities to relax and strengthen team cohesion. Our enthusiasm for work increased through this activity .This acdtivity played a vital role in the improvement of productivity.

Staff team building

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